Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who Is The Lovely Lioness?

Here is a little about who I am:

  • Too nice to those who are mean to me
  • Too mean to those who love me
  • Angry too often
  • Never smile enough
  • A lifestyle off the beaten path, a little
  • Opinions too strong for many
  • Unconventional in many ways 
  • A semi-free range parent
  • Not very creative
  • Always searching for answers
  • Never content to stay where I am
  • Learning to have joy daily
  • Not big on routine
  • Love to research

Until next time,

Lovely Lioness 


  1. Dearest Lovely,
    You are a wonderful Lioness! You care for others and you have begun a wonderful list of features about yourself! Dig deeper.. find more!

  2. That Lovely Lioness is awesome and a WONDERFUL friend!!! :D

  3. Thanks, ladies. So glad we have created this place for us and for others!