Sunday, May 23, 2010

It was easier being single. . .

but I wouldn’t say that is better.

It was easier being single because I didn’t have to think of others in the same way as I do now.  I could make decisions about when to go to bed, where to eat supper and when to buy groceries.

It was easier being single because I didn’t have to share my things with others in the same way as I do now.  My computer was MINE.  My desk was MINE.  My vehicle was MINE.  MINE. MINE. MINE.

It was easier being single because I only had dishes and laundry and clean up for ONE.  ME.  I didn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen or at the sink, unless I wanted to be there.  I didn’t have to fold every single item, but I did anyway, because it was easy.  I could take out a project, work on it, and leave it there.  Because it was just me.

I could wear what I wanted to bed.  I could shower in the morning or whenever I pleased.  I could watch chick flicks and cry.  I could go to ladies’ nights out or in.


I don’t think so.  Because . . .

I would have become a very very selfish person, more selfish than I am today.  I would not love the way I love.  I would not be in the community as I am now in the community.  I would not be a part of my church as I am a part of my church.  I would not have become the perosn God wanted me to become.

Being married is better because there is someone there to warm my bed.  There is a shoulder to cry on.  There is a ready friend with open arms. 

There are children to make me smile.  Children love to learn and in their learning they teach me so very much.  Children love life and teach me to love life as well.

Being married is better because I don’t have to eat out alone.  There is someone to share my dessert with when I ordered too much supper.  Being married makes the work in the kitchen worth the time and the effort.

Being married introduced me to coffee.  Oh how I love coffee.  I doubt that I would have tried and enjoyed it if I had never gotten married.

Being married causes me to grow and think and develop.  My brain is better because of my marriage.  (Some days I think my brain is mush, but I know that I know more, because of my relationships with my husband and children and community.)

Being married causes to get out in the community and yet allows me to be home where I love to be.  Being married has balanced me more than I ever thought possible.

I have so far to go.  Today has been a rough day; I am a very angry and loud person.  I am mean to those around (and those closest to) me.  I need even more balance and more development and more learning.  Without my husband, I don’t know that I would see these areas of needed growth as easily or as quickly.

Being single may have been easier, but being married is much better.

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