Sunday, May 23, 2010

About the Cashew...

I like being a cheapskate; trying to get a good deal, to have fun, laugh it up a bit. I would love to have a chance to get drunk off my tush and have people around me that will laugh with me and I can spill my guts to because I can't control my mouth when I start drinking.

I am avidly stuck to the computer, ya know that's where all my friends live. I would love to be brave enough to do and say things that are on my mind. Yes I pee in the shower; I have found I have better hair when I only wash it 2-3 times a week. I put my used plates on the floor for the animals to clean up before washing them in the dishwasher.

I am a night owl. I can be a hoot with no sleep; when my moodiness does not take over. I like "me" time and I try to stash as much me time as I possibly can.

I like all kinds of people. I like people who are serious, who are fun to be around, who have different thoughts than I do, that are going through the same things I am or have been. I cannot stand to be around people who are not considerate and walk all over people. I hate to find friends who "pretend" to be friends, then do something against what you believe in then turn the whole thing over that it's your fault.

When I find out what people are like I get judgmental when they hurt me and I refuse to forgive them easily; with sometimes as much as 20 years passing before forgiving.

I wish I would have listened more to those in my life that made sense out of life. I wish I could have been more open to "keeping my options" open and living my life more fuller than what it was.

I can make scrambled eggs, french toast, and bacon really well, but don't dare step into my kitchen and ask me to make fried eggs over easy or omelets.

I feel embarrassed with no clothing on; and I often feel ackward having sex with the windows open or without the radio or TV on to hinder the noise.

I often tell my kids they cannot do things I do because I hate myself for the things they wish they could do that I currently do!

Da Cashew....

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