Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I pee in the shower and other things you didn't wanna know about me.

1. I pee in the shower.
2. I pick my nose and sometimes I even eat it.
3. I have sex with my husband when my in-laws are visiting.
4. I hate to brush my teeth after I shower.
5. I don't always wash my hands after I use the toilet.
6. I use my frying pan without washing between uses.
7. I shave "down there" at my husband's request.
8. I rarely shave my legs.
9. I use the same utensil with both raw and cooked meat.
10. If given the choice I would choose to shower less often than I do currently, which is nightly.

Until next time,
The Lovely Lioness


  1. hmmm, I I too am guilty of most all of those. Not #4 though... too anal about oral care here. mwaahaahaa. Seven is interesting. Everywhere down there? I do the final flightpath occasionally but just curious... isn't it itchy??

  2. I"m guilty of a few of these myself... and wouldn't likely admit it!

  3. I brush before I shower, not before. It's cool in our bathroom and when I'm damp I get cold really fast. That's all; I still brush!

    And if you shave there regularly it does not itch, but let it get longer again and it does. Upkeep is key, I think. And not everywhere, not all the time.

  4. I bush-hogged! The hubs is looking forward to "checking it out"