Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hannah Montana – role model or not?

In my opinion, she is not a good role model for my 4 little girls.  She will not be watched any longer.  I am “banning” the Family (a Disney station) from my TV!  My children do not need any help with the ATTITUDE, the EYE-ROLLING, the FOOT-STOMPING!  Besides the roll model issue – THEY ARE SO ANNOYING!!!!

I have actually been using my library system to “rent” (actually borrow) DVDs for them to watch.  Currently they are watching a lot of the LeapFrog series and Thumbelina but I think I may put a stop to this one too because as I type I hear ATTITUDE and ENTITLEMENT!  We struggle with that entitlement attitude enough around here because my children are given so much stuff!  (As a side, one issue I have with the LeapFrog video - Talking Letter Factory is lying, but we just discussed the issue and I allow them to watch it; such a valuable teaching resource.)

What role models are out there that are GOOD and RIGHT and GODLY roll models for our daughters?  Do you let your children watch and listen to Hannah Montana???

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