Monday, May 3, 2010

The rantings and ravings from today....

Okay, so I am not in a wonderful mood.


Yesterday the kids decided to proclaim that they had cleaned their rooms. Maybe to their SPECIFICATIONS.. but not to mine! The "other half" decided that it was "okay" to allow video game time because they spent so much time on their room. Did not even look at it, was just going to give it to them to shut them up from whining. I kinda lost it.. went into the room after one of the kids started mouthing at me, took my arms to the flat surfaces and proceeded to swipe everything off onto the floor for them to clean today. I refused to let anything other than room cleaning happen. One of my dearest lambs decided to come out about 7 PM tonight and over joyously announce "Okay the room is CLEAN!!" only for me to go in and with out really looking find where they stashed all the stuff once again. Another sweep through the room to bring everything BACK out to the middle of the room. Another stern talking to and was told that they can spend EVERY DAY of their lives in that room until it's done to my specifications. Did I mention they already had to wash one load - wash, dry and put away, and they found 2 more loads today? It was an awful quiet night after that!

Well, before this site was even thought of, It was mentioned on one of my social pages that "if I don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all!" and I am not sure if she was talking to me or whatnot, BUT how can you say something like that and then turn around and say negative things on their own site? I am feeling pretty good right now since she has been hidden and one of her friends I did not care for anyways has been BLOCKED.... :O) One more mouthing off about my negativity and she will get the boot!

I have been wanting to tell everyone a little about myself, but sheesh with the family I am raising I don't know who I am anymore, and I guess I will have to do some sole searching to even get me to understand who I am... So until that's done, just let it be known that I am....

Da Cashewwww

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