Friday, May 28, 2010

A lot of things to do and no time to do it

The shit that hit the fan...No... let me rephrase this... The shit that's gonna hit the fan.

We have been trying to work with the kids about doing chores to earn things that they want to do. I am going to be known as "total BITCH mama" for the next oh lets see... 3 months?

I have taken on ALL of the responsibility in the house. The kids are on "strike" and so that's fine, but come hell over high water they better not even ask me for a stick of gum.

One of the kids were supposed to go to a sleep over tonight; and as soon as it is an appropriate time to call the parent to let them know that this child will not be attending it will be done. I am tired of having my kids back me into a corner. I had to RSVP for the dang thing back on Tuesday. At least I was smart enough to explain in a nice manner that if my child does not do what she needs to she would not be coming. She backed me into a corner by telling me she would do all of her chores for the week and that she would be on her best behavior. HUH! Hey does taking a clothes hanger, bending it until it breaks, then bending a piece into 2 pieces, then thrashing it at mom count for good behavior? I am just checking because she stated she would be on her best behavior and I am SURE she would not want that done to her! So momma will be putting the foot down and calling her off from the party she was to attend after school today.

And it's not just her. It seems that EVERYONE has taken off on strike. Another child of mine begged for extra chores to make up points for her sleep over that was to take place Saturday to Sunday. She did the extra chores, but not the regular ones. She will not be attending.

We have an issue with hair. We have extremely long hair and no one seems to know how to keep it up. One child has an issue because I refuse to purchase anymore conditioner. One bottle usually holds me over a couple of months, but for this child she thinks that she can use ONLY conditioner and no shampoo. This left her hair looking really greasy and like she never washes it. It does not help with well water! SOOOO.... Momma got a bug up her butt last night and took every hair product out of the bathroom EXCEPT shampoo and MOMMA washed and scrubbed everyone's head last night. Momma did not care how loud, long, or who heard the screaming. Momma then sat and brushed everyone's hair and made sure it all was taken care of. The screaming only hurt my ears until the lovely mp3 player with earbuds came into play. Oh and Momma has made appointments for hair cuts and everyone's hair will be chopped at least shoulder length.

Yes, Momma struck on Wednesday also. Momma ticked off a child who thought that it was okay to rush through homework, not show work, and to write so bad I could not even read it. This was pre-school writing people! Momma got angry and made said child sit at the table and re-write the homework (without the calculator- I am positive that if they ask to see work they wanna see you use the calculator that the good Lord gave you) until ALL work was shown and that ALL of the answers would be easy to be found and that it was legible. Three re-writes and 2 hours later, Homework was about 95% better. Bad Momma!

With the last paragraph in mind, momma will be going to the home school store and purchasing books for the summer. My dear wonderful delightful children will be so happy to hear and see that I have come up with a homeschooling program for summer :O) I will need to go this weekend to pick these items up. I am looking for basic language arts, math, and we will be going to the library to choose books to read and then they will have book reports to write every week. Hey! they will have all the time in the world with their toys locked up and no chores they are required to do, right?

So the agenda for today is packed. While I would sooo enjoy going and hiding in a blanket and catching the much needed sleep I so desire at this point, with only having a very long weekend with the kids home and DH here up my tush and around the corner as well. Today's agenda; making a shopping list, planning meals for the next week, mopping and sweeping(and vaccuming) every room, cleaning the kids rooms; making their beds, taking toys out and sorting through them and locking them up, catching up 3 loads of laundry; 2 loads of which need to be hung outside; and starting to re-organize the garage so I can get things out for the yard sale tomorrow. Not to mention I need to run 4 towns over and pick up items for the yard sale after 4PM today as well.

I foresee a lot of changes coming up and into play for my family. Some changes they will not like. Some changes I will not like. I will be a total and complete bear to be around. I have already told my oldest daughter that I love her but I loathe what she does and how she acts. I am hoping a summer with nothing to do will bring her around. I am considering taking her out of school and away from her friends and homeschooling anyways, but really this summer will tell all.

Thanks for listen to me rant and rave.

Da Cashew

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