Saturday, May 22, 2010

I love Aprons and their many uses

I found this today in my Google reader.  I’ve used my apron for many similar uses.  I need more aprons.

A Frugal Alternative to Paper Products

To most people, vintage aprons are a either fashion statement, or we wear them to protect our clothes while cooking and working. However, have you ever thought about these uses? Consider using your apron to...

1. Remove hot cookie sheets from the oven
2. Wipe away your children’s tears
3. Dry the inside of a freshly washed glass
4. Carry in fresh herbs from the garden
5. Cover your hair when it starts to drizzle
6. Dust the furniture
7. Wipe up kitchen drips and spills
8. Allow your kids run and hide underneath it
9. Clean the bathroom mirror
10. As a prayer tent like Susannah Wesley


Posted by e-Mom at Susannah's {Kitchen} Aprons, a retro-chic vintage apron e-store.


Until next time,

The Lovely Lioness

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