Monday, May 3, 2010


This internet buddy I have has really pissed me off. She got her heart broken when her fiancee of 6 years just up and left. Now she is going on about an ex boyfriend who is an alcoholic and has been clean for a year. His wife has been very supportive of him and stayed throughout everything but is very untrusting. He and this internet buddy of mine have been "talking" against his wife's wishes. She thinks he needs a friend and will continue this relationship even though it is against his wife's wishes. WHAT A STUPID ARROGANT IDIOTIC BITCH! nuf said. I made my opinion clear but now I wanna "unfriend" and "unfollow" and "block" her! GRRRRRR. People think they get to play god with other family's lives! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Some people like to meddle in other's marriages. Some like married men because they are "safe". Some like the adventure of talking to someone they know they should not be just for the sake of risk. Some do it for their own co-dependency. You cannot get through to this person because they have to find out and learn on their own. It's a hard road to follow, but she will have to learn the road somehow!

  2. She messaged me that another (male) friend warned her against the situation. At least she listened to someone! She said she has decided to steer clear. Maybe I don't have to block her after all? Maybe?