Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sex is a mind thing for men too

One of my biggest pregnancy complaints there last two pregnancies is the yeast infections I get and can’t seem to get rid of no matter what I try.  I’ve tried the Canesten and the natural methods.  I’ve tried probiotic and other things; everything I can think of short of not eating carbs.  I need the carbs for energy.

Anyway, these infections have an impact on our sex life!  I am a sex-aholic when I’m pregnant (and maybe most of the other time too, but I don’t know for sure).  I can. not. get. enough!  Because we don’t wanna pass this yeast back and forth between the two of us we try to get creative in our love making.

All this is a preface for the following:

Last night in one of our creative “sessions” as I had just discovered (confirmed) that the yeast had once again returned, my husband went limp.  I kinda figured he’d just given up and may not even want me to continue what I was doing, but I persevered and he got back into action and we “finished”.  When we were snuggling after he says, “The real thing is soooo much better.”  I had to agree.

Then this morning I asked him about what had happened; I said, “It seemed like you gave up last night.”  He re-iterated what he’d said before.  It’s just not as fun.  His mind was not in the game.

So it’s not just us ladies that have to mentally prepare for sexual activity.  If his mind is not in it, his body won’t be either.  As frustrating at this can be, having this bit of knowledge is comforting too.

On to my second point of this post:

WHAT DO WE DO????  How can I get rid of this thing?  How do we have intercourse without passing the yeast infection between us?  How often during pregnancy can I use a OTC treatment?  I’m not in agony or itching like crazy.  It’s like the infection is just kinda sitting there under the surface, ready to explode into full battle mode if I turn my back for a moment and let down my guard and defence.

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