Friday, April 30, 2010

It happened again!

The shit hit the fan.  I lost it!  My kids . . . . .

They can't do anything!
They are so fricken disobedient right now I just wanna. . . . . .

Why can't they just do as they are told without questioning and begging and pleading?

Over an hour ago, I asked everyone to do their chores.  DD7 has to fill and empty the dw.  She came up once for her coloring pages and I told her no.  When she was done she could color.  Well, somehow she got passed me with them.  And when I went downstairs the dw was empty but it was not being filled.  She was coloring.  I believe I let it slide once and figured she was caught so she'd keep at the chore.  Well, no such luck.  I hung THREE LOADS OF LAUNDRY!  Then I headed down to start on supper - lasagna.

What do I find??? SHE'S COLORING AGAIN!!!!!  SHE'S DONE NOTHING ON THE DISHWASHER!!!!!!  At first I didn't get upset.  I told her she was being disobedient to me and disobedient to God.  But my angry started building and building.  I started remembering all the infractions, all the complaints, all the outright disobedience from the day.  I remembered doing things for them - like taking them to a play day I didn't wanna go to.

Then I found their ant jars in the house!  I had specifically stated ALL ANTS STAY ON THE DECK OR OUTSIDE!  I sent DD7 away with hers.  IT TOOK HER FOREVER TO COME BACK!  When she did come inside again she went to her room to do something else rather than return to the dw chore!!!!!!!  I LOST IT!!!!!  ABSOLUTELY LOST IT!

I started throwing dishes out of the dishwasher, on to the floor and into the sink!  I started screaming and shouting at the top of my lungs at my five children.  And in the midst of my tirade my 3yob decides to COLOR ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR!!!!!!!!!  CAN HE NOT SEE HOW MAD MOMMY IS ALREADY!!?!?!?!?!??!

Dishes continue to fly while DD5 and DS3 get a wet cloth to clean up the boys' mess.  I loaded the dw in less than 5 minutes and had it running.

I expect a lot of my children.  I don't expect them to load the dw in under 5 minutes, but I expect it to take LESS THAN A FRICKEN HOUR!

At one point we expected first time obedience.  You are asked, you say yes, mom and then you do as you were asked.  I don't even notice anymore when they say no or just ignore my request.  THERE NEEDS TO BE SOME CHANGES!!!!!!

Not feeling like a very good mom right now.  DD8 said she wanted to move away from me and I agreed; I didn't wanna be close to me either.  I think I've cooled down some now; off to see if supper is burning on the stove.

Until next time,

Lovely Lioness, more lioness than lovely.

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  1. A lioness comes alive when rearing her young! I know it won't help you now, but I am hoping you can sit back later and laugh!