Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome to Our Wacky World!

Are you ready for a WILD ride?

What's this all about anyway?

Who would name their blog with such a name as this????

Well, we would. There are a bunch of us. See all our names on the side? See that they are pseudo-names? Yeah, we don't want you to know who we really are in real life. But trust me.

We are moms. We are wives. We are friends. We are in numerous relationships.

We needed a safe place to vent, to say those things that we can't say to the faces of those we love or those we dislike.

We have strong opinions. And we want to share them. We don't want a lot of flack from those we KNOW who think their opinions are more important than OURS! We've been told to "be nice" on Facebook. We "hold back" on our own blogs for fear of hurting feelings. We don't want our parents to read what we really feel and think.

We wanna talk about sex, or the lack thereof. We need to talk about PoOp and puke. There are other feminine manners we would love to spout off about but can't in the "public" world of the internet. So here, where no one knows who we are, we can say WHATEVER WE WANT! An open slate. Whatever floats our boats.

Will we use language? Probably a little - see the title of the blog???

Will we "bag on others"? Maybe.

So, in the next little while you will meet the authors. I hope each will introduce herself, and give you some vague details. And you'll get to know us a little more each time you see a post.

Please bear with us as we find the theme / design that we like and work out the kinks and such things.

Until next time,

Lovely Lioness

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