Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sister Wives

I have been watching the first two seasons of Sister Wives (TLC's show on polygamy).  My husband is kinda sick of me watching episode after episode on my computer.  He thinks it's dumb to have more than one wife.  And although I agree with my dh, I find the life style sooooooo intriguing!

Who wouldn't want to have 3 or 4 or 5 best friends!?!?!  Someone else to keep your kids so you could work.  Someone to make meals if you hated to make meals.  Someone else to fight with your dh.  Someone to be on your side.  Playmates for your kids.  What a large homeschool I would have!

Now, I'm too selfish for that lifestyle.  I like having my husband to myself.  I can't imagine that on top of the fire department, on top of his church service, on top of his normal job, on top of his part time job . . . I can't imagine my husband having to divide what time is left between 3 or 4 wives, including me!  Yikes, the man would never sleep.  Or if he did, it wouldn't be in my bed EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

So, then being a Bible believing Christian, my thoughts turn to: what does the Bible say about polygamy?  Honestly, I haven't looked yet.  My dh says there is no DIRECT commandment against it, but it is strongly suggested against.

I plan to look into it more.  Come back here to see what I've discovered.

Until next time,

The Lovely Lioness

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  1. No thanks!!! I am frankly disgusted by males period. Why should they get all the fun. How about one wife with 10 or so husbands. They could all work, work, work and bring home the money. Then I could hire maids and nannies. Yes??