Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dumb Ass

I want to feel like a woman again. I am tired of lack of sex and blah stupid dumb man sex when and if he chooses. I am not the narcissistic drunk. No. I am the caregiver to everyone and I work too. Give me a break. Men turn their heads my way still and I am in my forties now. Why should I feel unattractive just because he is "depressed". Everyone would be "depressed" if they drank 6 - 7 beers a night and only though about themselves all the time.

The universe revolves around DH. He doesn't feel appreciated by an employer that is all that is important: Children aren't starving, parents aren't abandoning children, children aren't being raped and abused, people aren't losing their homes in storms and fires. No that must be another world somewhere. Get a fucking grip. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Count your blessings you dumbass!!!!!!!!


No, not quite done!

If "he" weren't such a sniveling stupid mean ass schmuck he wouldn't have gotten laid off/FIRED!!!!! And he might have a better self esteem. When you are an ass, you get treated like an ass. Simple and easy. Yes, I will call the sheriff anytime at all I feel threatened or intimidated when you are in a drunken rage. Yes I will. You should be the one wanting to protect us but no, the sheriff will protect us from you.

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