Sunday, June 6, 2010


This is an issue that is really starting to bother me.  In church this morning, there were a number girls who were not dressed properly, in my opinion.  Their skirts / dresses were too short; their tops showed off too much.  Their pants were too tight.  My young daughters look up to these teen and tween girls and want to follow their example.  I hate having to fight not only against society but also against the "norm" in our church.

I'm not saying I want our girls to look dowdy or ugly.  I want them to dress nicely, adequately covered without having their clothing tight fitting. There are nice modest clothing out there.  I find acceptable items for my girls are Wal-Mart and secondhand stores all the time.

What is unacceptable in my opinion:
  • spaghetti straps, but they are allowed at my discretion (provided the dress / shirt itself covers most of the chest and back.)
  • short shorts
  • skirts more than a couple inches above the knee
  • low-cut tops
  • backless or almost backless shirts
  • low-rise (super low rise) pants
  • tube-tops
  • tops that show your bra or straps (such as in the case of spaghetti straps)  I qualify this one because I have a couple of bras that have straps that run very close to my neck; I'd have to almost wear a turtle neck or mock turtle neck shirt to cover them.
  • tops or bottoms that are tight enough to show every curve, underwear lines, etc.

I have more than one reason for this rant today!  One I have daughters.  And two I have sons who will grow up and have to deal with this issue.  Thirdly, these girls in church that are wearing this inappropriate clothing are the daughters of leaders in our church.

My question to them is: What is your purpose in wearing such items?  Does it bring glory to God?  Does it attract the attention of the boys and the men?  Is that what we are supposed to be doing?

How do you approach this issue?  With the parents?  The youth leaders? The pastor and/or his wife?  The individual girl?

For me, I think to start I'm going to bring the issue up with our pastor's wife and see how she would suggest handling the situation.  I'm also going to ask her if she thinks I'm over reacting.  I could be.

What's considered modest in your home?  How do you (would you) handle the immodesty of others in your church / community group?

Until next time,

The Lovely Lioness

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